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North American Speed Sailing Project

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Victory!!!! IKA 2012 World Championships

July 20th, 2012

France - July 15th

Many thanks to Bill Lynch, Cabrinha kites, The Black Dog and Dakine for providing the support that was required to compete and win the 2012 speed championsips.  After 4 days of racing in very square and shifty conditions with winds between 14 and 27kts,  victory was obtained.  Team USA walked away with a 1st and 3rd place finish in the 2012 IKA speed world championsips.  The forecast looked very light until the last 4 days and the stress level was redlined up until the very last race.  I raced the 18, 16, 13 meter Crossbows and the 12 meter Swithcbalde.  I used my 2 bigger Mike’s Lab speed boards and my slalom board. Sylvain, Damien and myself were fighting for every point in every heat right up thru the double overtime in heat #6.  Its an honor to now hold the Outright World Speed Sailing Record and the 2012 IKA World Speed Championship title.  


2012 IKA World Speed Championships - France

May 18th, 2012

The IKA world speed championships will he held in France near Port Saint Louis from July 6th thru 15th.

I  am currently training and developing gear for the world championships.

My 1st place results and course records at the 2011 NASSI and Mondial du Vent indicate that my gear is capable of producing world championship speeds.

Anything can happen in a regatta and we will be ready……consistant sailing with few mistakes.  Now all we need is wind.

Please stay tuned!


NASSP updates - July 26th 2011

July 26th, 2011

Things are looking good and plans are coming together for the first ever American kitespeed event. 27,000 purse!!!! GPS speed event over 250 and 500 meters. An official notice will be made in one week.

Team New England is once again the leaders of the HAM Speed Challenge. The Maui and Gorge teams have a lot of work ahead of them if they want to win 2011 and take the title back from Team New England.

Los Barriles Baja Mexico results - Wating for wind in La Ventana

January 20th, 2011

Team Nassp (Gebhardt, Lynch and R. Douglas) is in La Ventana Mexico waiting for the green flag to drop on the 11 mile channel crossing…”The Show Down” of the La Ventana Classic.  120 kites and windsurfers go head to head.  Top 30 racers advance to the course racing.  Big Air event to follow.

La Ventana is awesome!!!!!  friendly and laid back….

Los Barriles results for Team Nassp:

1st Big Air, 5th Slalom and a good butt kicking in course racing.

Working on the gear again today.  Long distance boards are coming together.  Team Cabrinha is ready.  Will advise!!

Mexico - Team NASSP report

January 15th, 2011

wind was 20 to 25 kts on Thrs and Friday.  20 kts today.  Won my first 2 heats in slalom and then got knocked out in the semi- finals.  had a few top 10 finishes in course racing. made it to the finals with teammate damien leroy in the big air (jump) event……no results yet.  two hundred spectators on the beach.  Great event so far…..very nice people in Mexico.  safe and fun!

damien leroy has had a few bullets in course racing and is in postion to take the win.

coach Gebhardt arrived today…….results will improve!!!!! 

went to hospital today with some sort of sea crustation animal thing stuck in my foot…….was removed.  will be able to ride in 2 days.

up to La Ventana on Monday.

Nassp team heads to Mexico for course, distance and slalom events - Jan 2011

January 3rd, 2011

Headed to Baja Mexico with Cabrinha team riders for Long distance, course and slalom racing.   Nassp team members Bill, Rob and Damien Will be in Los Barriles from Jan 11th - 16th and La Ventana from 16th to 23rd.

Blog will be updated daily with results, videos and photos.  Stay tuned!

Happy New Year


Rolex US Yachtsman of the Year 2010 nomination

December 8th, 2010

                                                      Sailing’s Best of 2010 Are Shortlisted

                              US SAILING’s Rolex Yachtsman & Yachtswoman of the Year Awards



Thank you very much to all of those who voted for the nomination.  This amazing recognition would not have been possible without the help and support from my coach Mike Gebhardt and fellow team members, Jamie Douglas, Bill Lynch and Morgan Douglas.  Special thanks to my sponsors: Cabrinha kites “the fastest kites on water”, Lynch Associates and the Black Dog. 

Thanks to for the recognition as 2010 “Athlete of the Year” for kiteboarding.

On December 8th 2010 the World Speed Sailing Record Council officially ratified the 55.65knot record claim.  It’s official!  Kitesurfers are the fastest sailboats on the water. 

Team NASSP - (R to L) - Mike, Rob, Jamie, Bill, Morgan

Team NASSP - (R to L) - Mike, Rob, Jamie, Bill, Morgan

Back at home in the USA

November 9th, 2010


Back at home with the Outright World Speed Sailing record………Awesome!  Very happy to win it for the USA, Cabrinha Kites, Lynch Associates and The Black Dog.  An amazing 5 weeks in Africa with my brothers and friends battling the worlds best kiters in The Trench.  Surgery on the broken wrist went well and the post operation visit with the doctors is tomorrow, Nov 11th.  Rumors have it that 15 kites will be allowed at the French speed event in Port Saint Louis with the windsurfers on Nov 16th….that is great news and I wish i could attend.  Who will be faster, kiters vs. windsurfers?????  My favorites for the event are the big Swed S-10 Anders Bringdal and kiters Alex F-21 and The Butcher Sylvain.   Will keep you up to speed with the daily results.



Rob Does It Again…Recaptures Outright World Speedsailing Record. “Duel In The Desert Trench.”

October 28th, 2010

Call it amazing…call it ballsy…call it, “The Duel In the Desert Trench.” Drama personified in Ludertiz yesterday resulted in success for Team NASSP. Mission Accompished. Rob Douglas (USA 55 / Blue Leader) has accomplished exactly what he set out to do…he proudly and courageosly recaptured the Outright World Speed Sailing Record yesterday in the Ludertiz, 2nd Lagoon Trench.

With winds in excess of 45 knots and sand storms and sea spray all around, Rob entered The Trench. Riding his 9m Switchblade and speed board of choice, wearing his helmet and all additional padding and protection, Rob sailed down the Ludertiz Trench into a very questionable finishing area (completely closed and close to rocks and sand banks). He has once again sailed into the annals of sailing history…World Record Speed of 55.65 knots !

On Rob’s second run he got fouled up during the finish and fractured his right wrist. The NASSP Team has decided to have Rob return prematurely to Boston, MA. to undergo necessary medical procedures. On his return flight Rob will be accompanied by NASSP founding sponsor Bill Lynch (USA 52 / Green Leader).

Meanwhile, Jamie and Morgan will keep the kites in the sky as the high wind continues to pound the 2nd Lagoon. Coach Gebhardt will remain with The Boys.

Monday - NASSP Action Rewind

October 25th, 2010

America's Fastest Sailor - Rob Douglas US 555

America's Fastest Sailor - Rob Douglas US 555

Sully's Detonation

Sully's Detonation

Team NASSP (L to R) Sully, Bill, Rob, Jamie

Team NASSP (L to R) Sully, Bill, Rob, Jamie

Weather forecasts for solid wind came true on Monday in Luderitz. Two solid heats of speed sailing action were separated by a high tide at 4:12pm. Bill Lynch – USA 52 (Green Leader) and “Sully” - USA 57 (Orange Leader) both upped their personal bests on this day…highlighting today’s NASSP report. Several team members survived multiple high speed crashes, mostly unscathed, over the sand banks and are prepared to make the most of the great forecast for the last week of the Ludertiz Speed Challenge 2010.

Monday morning’s skipper’s meeting took place at 12noon and the first start opened the day’s racing at 1pm. Rob, Morgan and Jamie chose 11m Crossbows and Bill used his 10m Switchblade in the freshening southerly winds. The pressure was building. Rob nailed another 52 knot run over the 500m and a 56.5 Vmax. Jamie took a 48, Morgan a 46 (personal best), and Bill a 42 (personal best). Jamie lost control of his Crossbow after a kite loop exit gone wrong…causing a major blow out in the main strut as the kite impacted the rocks near the digital scoreboard. Morgan met the leeward sandbar in a fabulous crash after wiping out caused by control loss, by encountering the chop in the middle section of the course.

Morgan reflected on the incident by saying, “I just got —– hammered.” Bill Lynch, also a newcomer to the Luderitz trench, posted another personal best today and recalled, “I feel awesome…I am really excited…actually.”

The afternoon’s racing session took place in winds hovering around 40knots. Another major difference was that the wind had backed about 10 degrees to the left, a more southeasterly direction, creating a more square course for the riders. Rob and Morgan took 10s and Jamie sailed his 9m Xbow. This change of wind angle creates a slower ride for sailors of the 2nd Lagoon Trench. Maximum rider speeds of the afternoon session were relatively low. Of note…Rob blasted another 50.5 knot run winning him the afternoon session.

Solid wind is forecast for this week and coming weekend. NASSP riders are gaining speed and confidence with each run. Rob – USA 55, continues to post many 50+ knot runs and is sailing well and is still poised to reclaim the outright world speed sailing record for the USA. Will the opportunity present itself ? Windguru and tide info is are showing potential world record conditions for Thursday!!!!!